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Fleet Owner
More trips, improved utilization, higher profits
Reduce idle-time between trips, increase revenue by 20%-40%
Credit line for financing your trips through 4TiGO Network Banking partners
Cost reduction thru discounts on fuel, telecom and other products from 4TiGO partners
Comprehensive online Fleet Management including GPS monitoring & tracking, and live back-office customer support
On-trip Driver facilities, Roadside assistance and support for incident management
4TiGO Payment Guarantee
No more chasing up your balance trip payments or advances
Cash-Free secure online financial transactions
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Truck Driver
More income with greater safety, convenience & comfort on the road
On-trip Support – you are not alone on the road, the entire network is with you
Breakdown assistance and Incident Management support
Free Parking & Rest locations with 4TiGO partners
Re-routing traffic in case of road-blocks
Personal Accident Insurance
Awards & Incentives for consistent Zero-error Trips
Reduce idle-time between trips - more trips, higher earnings
SmartScheduler to plan the trip with scheduled breaks and rest for safe-driving
4TiGO-IOC Driver fuel card
Fuel discounts/Cashback at 4TiGO partner outlets
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Never say no to business
Increase business by as much as 20%-40%, by accessing a much wider pool of validated trucks and drivers
Trip finance credit line to help you extend credit to the customers and grow your business
Technology for improved customer experience
Online tracking & live monitoring, back-office customer support
Access to vehicle & driver data at one Click
Online trip documentation including electronic PoD helps shrink the cash cycle
4TiGO Fulfilment Assurance – minimize truck ‘no-shows’ or cancelations
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Transport Company
Efficiency through cutting-edge technology to maximize revenue & profitability
Cutting edge technology for greater efficiency and improved customer experience
Expanded network of trust with validated owners, drivers, brokers for all your external truck requirements
Improve utilization and earning from your own trucks – Get a return load for your own trucks wherever & whenever you require
Integrated management of own fleet as well as attached and market trucks – online or on your in-house live-monitoring control center
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Consigner / Consignee
Visibility, transparency, efficiency across supply chain
Integrated tracking and live-monitoring of all in-transit consignments on the network
Across all logistics service providers
Online or on your in-house live-monitoring control center
Online electronic documentation, electronic PoD to shrink your cash cycle
Standardized services, customer support and incident management
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The Truck Network
Fuelled By
Banking Partner
Creating network of a million,
to serve the nation of a billion
The power of a network is not the network itself,
but what its connections enable
Payment Guarantee
Fulfillment Assurance
The Truck Network