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Trucker & Fleet Owner
More trips, improved utilization, more savings, higher profits
Reduce idle-time between trips, increase revenue by 20-40%
Online Freight Exchange for long distance full truck load with 4TiGO assisted return loads
Save upto Rs 25,000 per truck per year in Fuel & Toll; Go cashless using Trip Expenses Remittance Management System (TERMS)
Anytime, Anwhere, Instant remittances for Online Fuel, Online Toll and Driver Payments using TERMS
4TiGO Payment Guarantee: timely payments, secure online cashless transactions - No more chasing up your balance trip payments
On-trip driver facilities, roadside assistance and support for incident management
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Truck Driver
Higher income with greater safety, convenience & comfort
24*7 live customer support, road side assistance
Free parking, resting facilities, and road side assistance and incident management support with 4TiGO partners
Attractive discounts/cashbacks on using 4TiGO-IOC Driver fuel card for purchasing fuel at partner outlets
Reduce wait time at toll booths using FASTag
IOC NROs have proper "suvidha" for all the truck drivers with "dhabas" in proximity
Fuel discounts/Cashback at 4TiGO partner outlets
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Never say no to business
Increase business by as much as 20-40%, by accessing a wider pool of verified trucks available for long distance route
4TiGO Fulfilment Assurance: minimise no show, delays and damages
Technology for improved customer experience
Online trip documentation and ePoD helps shrink the cash cycle
GPS tracking and 24*7 live customer care support at click of a button
Technology enabled dashboards and reports to track business and generate insights
Ready & on-demand access to truck & driver data.
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Transport Company
Efficiency through cutting-edge technology to maximize revenue & profitability
Unified technology platform for Trip and Fleet Management
Seamless integration of your in-house IT Systems with ours.
Integrated management of own fleet as well as attached and market trucks - online or on your in-house live-monitoring control center
Technology for improved customer experience
Access 4TiGO Trucking Network for wider pool of verified trucks available for long distance routes
Online trip documentation and ePoD helps shrink the cash cycle
Computerized monitoring of truck locations, 24*7 customer support
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Consigner & Consignee
Visibility, transparency, efficiency across supply chain
4TiGO meets all your long distance trucking, transportation and freight logistics requirements
Technology enabled transparancy and traceability to support Supply Chain visibility
Electronic documentations and proof of delivery to ensure hasslefree record keeping & compliance and reduce cash-cycle
Verified network of reliable Transporters, Fleet Owners, and Drivers
Standardized services, customer support and incident management
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